This is a repost since supporters of this abuser had the previous post flagged and FB removed it because “it didn’t fit community standards”… leave it up to FB to side with an abuser over victims. It has also been updated with new information that has been revealed to me:

AGAIN, this is Timothy Bradford, he is a conscious predator, specifically targeting cisgendered femmes in activist spaces both online and in the Chicago area. He has gaslighted and hurt my friend severely. He started by looking through her page first for a few months and then worming his way into her life, by using her ideology as his banner,  and then by getting her pregnant. He coerced her into getting an abortion, which she did not want, and unfortunately she didn’t have one done because she had a miscarriage due to him stressing her out. He did not believe her when she told him this  (but I know it to be true as I have seen her release papers from the hospital since sharer’s of the previous post need receipts and all) and while he claimed he was triggered and suffering anxiety about the entire situation, in reality, he just didn’t want to own responsibility for his actions.  Since having put up the previous post another sister has come forward to me and shall remain anonymous since handmaidens have a habit of cozying up with abusers. She too, was involved with Timothy IMMEDIATELY before he started talking to my friend. And the path of her story with him is exactly the same as my friend. The close observation on her FB page, becoming a mirror to her ideologies (ya know the whole “If you like it I LOVE it,“shit dudes say to get the cookie) and then when they met up his veneer quickly faded away, turning into a bully, being possessive, and gaslighting her.
I now realize I was being groomed for a similar process,  sociopaths are clever about seeming empathetic when they are using u for something. He told me he keeps company with younger women/people specifically,  but now I know those are the persons he targets to use or sleep with. He also has a habit of using Queer identity politics to keep from further scrutinization of his behavior.  I have since learned that in order to derail and deflect criticism, he has placed himself as the victim in the entire situation (another form of gaslighting). Do not be fooled.
I am ashamed that I allowed him into my life and that I vetted for him. Again, he is very intelligent and can talk his way out of any situation by posing  as the victim and using common “conscious jargon” / activist buzzwords in order to manipulate any listener to his side.
Frankly this whole ordeal has been emotionally exhausting and all I want to do now is help in the process of healing for my friends he has hurt and made to feel alienated from their communities.  I respectfully ask that you do not contact him questioning his part in relation to me as I have gone through the process of blocking him from every electronic device and media possible. I want to make sure no other black femmes caught into his psychological and emotional trap. Just block/delete him.

What a “Conscious Predator” Is:

What is gaslighting:

I was asked to repost this from someone who I know and trust very well. Please repost and spread the word so no one else is hurt by this person.