Treatment Resources

This page is mostly because we are getting asked this information often, not because we have any judgements about whether people should be using drugs.

List Sites that take Medicaid – internal – external


1-800-622-2255 <when I called they called back and were knowledgeable and trained on qtpoc issues. I even asked that directly and he did waver at the terminology.  I spoke with a guy named Greg from WA Community Health Recovery Line and he said there were a number of detox options that didn’t have long ass wait periods. Some names he mentioned were Seattle Drugs and Narc Cent, Metropolitan, Cedar, and one in Pt Angeles and one in Spokane if they are willing to travel. He said that # is 24 hour but most knowledgeable folks are there from 8am to midnight. He said if they want treatment then they will need to get an addictions assessment and that Seattle Counseling Service can do that. They said SCS also has out patient services and can refer to inpatient services. And/or they can call back. Let em know how it goes and if either ended up working out???

Not Seattle/NW

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