Street Medic Resources

  • western cascadia street medics google group:
    • a regional street medic list. sign up for this if you want local calls to action, info about trainings, discussions, monthly medic potluck, etc. anyone can post/start a thread/post
    • you can go to and search for “western cascadia street medics,” and can join from there. you need to confirm that you attended a training when you ask to join. you can also just email me ( and ask me to add you directly. it may take a few days but i will do it.
  • action medical:
    • the national street medic listserv. sign up if you want to hear about national calls to action for medics. also a great place to keep up with discussions about best practices, ask questions, etc.
    • People can sign up via the webpage, or by sending email to
  • medic wiki:
    • a editable resource with lots of usable/printable material, good to consult but not regularly updated. sexual assault response info from your handouts is here (plus a lot more on that topic). also contains printable quarter sheet aftercare fliers (a great resource!) and examples of ethics statements/points of unity used by various medic collectives and at various actions over the years. the code of ethics you received in training is also here.
  • Midnight special law collective:
    • contains the “shooting the wounded” zine you received in class, in a downloadable/printable format. also a few other legal resources not directly related to medic-ing, but very useful.
Let us know if there are resources we should have on this page we are missing?!?