Monday is National Trans Testing Day at Gay City Focuses on Trans Women of Color


Please forward this to your networks. I know it is last minute and I really want to support the wonderful trans women in our community.

Accessing healthcare can be difficult for trans people, and getting tested for HIV is no different. In King County, close to half of trans people haven’t been tested in the past 2 years. Let’s talk about why that is. Access is more than pronouns, what barriers do trans people face? Let’s talk about racism. Let’s talk about sex work. Let’s talk about transmisogyny. Let’s talk.

Moderated by Tobi Hill-Meyer, this panel will include three amazing trans women of color that Seattle is super lucky to have: Emi Koyama, Kiyomi Fujikawa, and Renee Jarreau Greene.

HIV/STD testing will be available downstairs in the wellness center with Amber (ally). Smitty (trans) and Howard (ally) will be testing at Out of the Closet all day (except during the panel discussion.) To schedule an appointment on that or any other day, visit

Find accessible information at: