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Friends – I am thrilled (ok and nervous!) to announce my new project: a Weekly art series about Living trans people for #TransLiberationTuesday/ #TLT! Especially as attacks on trans women & trans femmes of color are increasing, this series is part of supporting and celebrating their Lives + Liberation!

The first in the series is a collaboration with the beautiful Eisha Love (more info about Eisha at

You can buy the print or download the high-resolution art file here and print it yourself: All sales benefit Eisha’s fundraiser.

This project is a labor of love! If you want to help pay all the participants, you can become a Monthly #TransLiberationTuesday Supporter here:

Here are some of Eisha’s own words about the art: “This wonderful piece of artwork was inspired by my life. The color brown symbolizes our power as Black trans women. Its easy to give up hope being in a difficult situation of being discriminated against and having to deal with the horrible justice System. Always remember to keep your faith alive, no matter what obstacles may come your way. Just remain hopeful & humble because you yourself can become a living piece of art, just like me. Support us.” Stay tuned for updates and guest star appearances from other TGNC artist friends <3.