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On Dec. 2 police executed Mario Woods, a young Black disabled man, in the SF Bayview. Over 50% of police killings are of people with disabilities, especially Black and Brown people with psych impairments (often referred to as ‘mentally ill’.) This new piece was created with @sinsinvalid and disability justice organizers & artists @patty_berne, @blackkrip, @lafemmenatasha and @krip_love.

I believe that building relationships with disability justice organizers, and understanding and integrating disability justice into our work, would transform our movement. All of our lives & families are so shaped by ableism, but we never acknowledge it, and usually we don’t even make the most basic attempts at access, like making our events accessible. We can do so much better. This piece offers a challenge to our comrades to acknowledge ableism and the way it intersects with other systemic forms of oppression. And as trans people especially we have an opportunity to show up for/with another targeted group of people who are usually shut out of our movement.

For more information about Disability Justice:
– Sins Invalid’s Statement on Police Violence and Justice for Mario Woods
– Disability Justice – a working draft by Patty Berne
– Peoples Power Assemblies Take On Police Brutality Against People with Disabilities, by Leroy Moore
– Disease Is Not A Metaphor, by Cyree Jarelle Johnson