AMC 2017 Allied Media Conference

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Update: We have gotten feedback that asking for this information is creating a barrier to access and also that our form as not taking submissions so if you would like to email us @ and we can work around this and accommodate you. This space is for you so let us know how we can be more accessible. Also please do use this form when possible.

RAD (Radical, Accessible & Decolonizing) Care is about centering marginalized people who don’t see themselves represented in movement building to gather and share collective knowledge and teach one another how to truly be accomplices. The RAD Care Beyond Social Justice Network Gathering will collectively envision new ideas of accessibility and wellness through self-determination and mutual care. We will practice challenging ableism, surviving trauma, internalizing self-care, and working at the roots of oppression through equitable, mutual community care. We will look at self and community care in practice and push that into how communal and ancestral knowledge inform an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist approach to wellness. Active participation will include indigenous rite practice, dialog about community care and anti-oppression and envisioning of Rad Care at AMC and beyond.

We have defined Media Based Organizing is the creation of platforms used to uplift marginalized voices while challenging power and oppression. We consider rites, rituals, ceremonies, and other spiritual practices to be a form of storytelling and media as it is a platforms used to uplift marginalized voices while challenging power and oppression which is why we will be starting the day and ending the day with time being lead by two magical beings whom have offered generously their time and support to this project. Participation in any of the days events is voluntary. We always privilege self care. This space will also be centered around people of color’s voices.

Call for Participants: (open with application):

We seek to create a space where individuals who have intersecting identities can come together and form networks of community support for this conference and beyond. The day will be composed of practice, dialog and brainstorming. We are looking for individuals who hold more than one identity for example: queer, trans, people of color, indigenous, mixed race, HIV+, disabled, drug users, sex workers, and/or survivors. We also encourage an inter-generational space and welcome youth (under 18), small human accompanying adults and also honor our elders aka everyone is welcome no matter your age. We are asking for applications so we can prioritize those who are in most need of space and also so we can actively incorporate your access needs. Priority will be given to people with intersectional identities, especially people of color.


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