Our workshops and trainings center around anti-oppression, decolonization, safer sex/ health relationships/ consent, consensus, inclusive organizing and transformative justice. Some workshops we have offered in the past include: Consensus Organizing; Anti-Oppression; Radical Community Care; Organizing for Accessibility; Transformative and Alternative Justice movements; Inclusive Organizing; Creating Courageous Space; Organizing for Intersecting Oppression; Trans 101; Beyond Safer Sex; Sex with Every Body; Methodologies of the Oppressed; Nonviolent and Violent Revolutions; Social Liberation Paradigms; Embodied Meta Praxis and other community based research; Healthy Relationships – Healthy Boundaries; Interpersonal Violence; Teaching Tolerance; Self-care as political warfare; Communication: NVC, Co-Counseling and more; Trauma and Resiliency and more we can work with you to plan exactly what you need. Our main workshop presenter is Smitty Buckler to learn more about them check out their website

If you are interested in having us do a workshop for you and/or your organization please contact us via the form below.