Medics and Outreach Volunteer Collaborative

Medics and Outreach Volunteer Collaborative (MOV)

We are currently working on creating a training and certification for outreach and medics.

Level 1: Outreach volunteers must undergo a 40 hour training that will cover safer injection, safer sex aka transmission factors, anti-oppression, cultural humility, interpersonal violence (IPV/DV) advocacy, trauma informed care, harm reduction and transformative justice conflict resolution. They will learn to utilize best practices including nonviolent communication and motivational interviewing.

Level 2: Medic volunteers will be trained as outreach workers but will also obtain certification in CPR & First AID and go through a medic specific training with us or another medic collective. Outreach medic will be able to do basic medical care in the field.


Interested in hearing about updates in this program? Send us a note!

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