on the left: a message i got on okcupid

on the right: a message from a new client

on the left: entitled douchebag being gross and disgusting, taking up my time without giving me anything in return

on the right: a respectful, kind message this client paid me money for the pleasure of having me read it

on the left: male fuckery and sexual entitlement

on the right: a man learning to value my time properly

sure, there are disrespectful clients. sure, there are respectful okcupid users. but fundamentally: clients have to pay to interact with me. they learn that my time and effort is worth something. whorephobia is what makes sex work dangerous and degrading, not sex work.

sex work teaches men that women deserve something in return.

sex work teaches men, in real terms, to value women.

sex work is not the problem.