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This information is currently unvetted. Please do advise us if Providers listed are not providing best practices and standards of care. Note links to Rad Remedy and GLMA are generic location searches. One can search listing for specific specialties and population serving demographics and search anywhere in the US. Here is a guide to find a trans friendly therapist.

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  • the well on beacon
    • Our mission is to create a space for culturally-relevant care that is responsive to our communities’ needs. As a collective, we strive to uplift people of color by fostering a (re)connection to past, present, and future generations through our healing legacies and community connections.
  • Rachel LordKenga: 901 Boren Ave Suite 1300 Seattle, WA 98104
    • (206)419-5052
    • Rachel has been working with/for trans, NB, and gender variant folks since 2004. Rachel is a licensed mental health counselor and board certified art therapist (LMHC, ATR-BC).


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