Taking Action on Immigrant Detention: a summary of reported recommendations

copy n pasted on July 1st, 2019 from https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DPr93K73Y27_eV6oxauXrp7XVqetQOvzff0BRaWR07Y/preview

*NEW: Check out the playlist created by The Beacon, which includes some of the most actionable items on this summary list: 

Legislative advocacy

Being an Ally During Raids


Legal Support

Political Support

Bail/Bond Funds and Support

Psycho-social support

Humanitarian Support

Community or Multifactor Support

Direct giving to local immigrants with pending immigration cases

Obtain/Share Information

Political Candidates



Spanish Speakers

Immigration Lawyers

Other Lawyers


  • Contribute to Traci Love art installation project
  • Make comfort dolls with You Are Loved

Health Care Volunteers

Other Volunteering


This document has been compiled from publicly reported information about actions that can be taken to oppose immigrant detention. It came from a variety of sources, from published newspaper articles to social media posts. The author of this compilation believes all sourcing is trustworthy, but has not independently vetted all actions or organizations. Please use due diligence before committing time or money to the organizations listed.


Questions? Corrections? Please contact the author, Kelly McConney Moore, Moore.kelly.m@gmail.com or @moore_kelly_m on Twitter; St. Petersburg, FL USA.