Safer Sex

Blow Jobs and Booty Bumping – Do it safe(r)!

Harm Reduction methods for Blow Jobs w/o protection:

– Do not brush your teeth nor eat anything that might cut your mouth for BJ. I am not sure there has been any official time on this but I generally see a few hours. Use a mouthwash or gentle rub some toothpaste around your mouth.
– Check out the penis for any sores. Most STI are transmitted through open sores.
– Make him take a shower, this is especially for HPV.
– PrEP is great. If someone cannot afford it they might be able to meet with their provider and set up a schedule to take PrEP before appointments.
– PrEP doesn’t prevent other STIs only HIV. Local Public Heath Departments generally keep info on when there is outbreaks. Checking the website frequently can be helpful even if they are f’d up to SWers.
– Spit or swallow, don’t let that cum hang out in your mouth. There is general consensus that HIV/STIs won’t survive the digestive tract so the longer the virus and bacteria are hanging out in your moist mouth…
– All STIs have the potential to cause sores which can lead to co-infections so get tested regularly if you can. I would be most concerned with Hepatitis and Syphilis as both can really cause some long term damage. Trying to pinpoint when someone contracted HIV but I can say there are very few cases where oral sex is suspect. Syphilis is for life and we are seeing cases of blindness caused by syphilis. Usually a sore is visible and syphilis is spread through this open sore which occurs before other symptoms.
– Speaking of Hepatitis. Getting vaccinated for Hep A/B should really be a high priority especially for anyone who is going from anal to oral w/o protection. Also Hep C is now treatable and don’t let them tell you otherwise. 😉

The “Ins and Outs” of Booty-Bumping

from Project Neon

Dear Readers,

Do you know the ins and outs of booty-bumping? While it may seem like a piece-of-cake, booty-bumping (keistering) is not harmless! Here’s some important info to help you have a bummer-free experience:

• “Booty-bumping” refers to putting drugs in the anus (up the butt) as a way to get high. The drug solution is absorbed through the lining of the intestines (gut).

• TISSUE DAMAGE: We know that crystal-use shrinks your blood vessels. So when
you booty-bump crystal, you shrink the blood vessels in the anal cavity. This means
there’s less blood to nourish that tissue. With repeated booty-bumping, the blood
supply to the inner lining of the butt is cut off and the tissue dies from lack of
• SCAR TISSUE: When the tissue in the anus gets damaged, scar tissue can build
up. If scar tissue builds up, your hole may become smaller, which can make
pooping and anal sex painful!
• HIV/STDS: Booty bumping likely increases your risk of getting HIV or other sexually
transmitted diseases (STDs) by causing small tears and other changes to the
tissue in your rectum.

• Start with a clean surface free of dirt and debris.
• Wash your hands with soap and water before preparing your hit.
• Use fresh water and a clean container for mixing your hit.

• Use a brand-new syringe with a screw-off needle. Breaking the needle off of a
syringe can create dangerous sharp edges that can tear you up!
• After you remove the needle, feel the tip of the syringe with a clean finger to ensure
there are no sharp edges. Discard the needle in a Sharps container.
• Before you booty-bump, put some Vaseline (petroleum jelly) on your finger and
coat the inner lining of the rectum. This can help create a protective seal and
prevent water-soluble crystal meth from doing as much damage to the tissue in the
anal cavity.
• Carefully do your booty-bump, then throw the syringe and plunger in a Sharps
container. Wash your hands to clean away germs.
• Some guys like to insert a vitamin E capsule (with water-based lube) in their butt
after booty-bumping to help the tissue heal.

• Booty-bumping can create small tears in the tissue of the anus and rectum (in and
around your hole). These tears make it easier for infections like HIV and STDs to
get into your body.
• Carefully clean the skin around your hole after booty-bumping.
• Use a condom and lube if you have anal sex after booty-bumping.
• Use a dam if you rim your partner after they booty-bump. You can get hepatitis A
and Shigella through fecal-oral contact (poop getting in your mouth).
• Get vaccinated for hepatitis A & B.
• Use elbow-length latex or nitrile gloves if you fist after booty-bumping. Dispose of
the gloves in a Sharps container after use.

• Booty-bumping can cause muscle contractions that give you a strong urge to
poop (like when you use an enema or douche). Be aware that you may get
intestinal cramps!
• Avoid enemas. Using an enema before booty-bumping can dehydrate you. Enemas
can also create small tears in the delicate lining of the anus and rectum. If you must
use an enema, plain warm water is the safest option.
• Give your butt a break. Try not to booty-bump very often! Switch between booty-
bumping and other methods (like smoking or snorting).
• See a medical provider if you have any concerns about your ass after you booty
• Don’t use alone: have someone with you so you can take care of each other if
something goes wrong.
• Hydrate! Water and 100% juice are good options.

-Dr. Dick