Autism Resources

*note: We have done our best to insure that the information provided below is Autism-centric which to us means that it is not stigmatizing and does not see Autism as a bad thing that needs to be fixed. We believe that individuals on the autism spectrum are amazing, brilliant, beautiful unicorns and many of us are on the autism spectrum. If you find anything that we have linked/reference that does not hold these truths, please let us know so we can take it down. Also if you have a link to add to this list please do share it with us!





Some links pulled from here:

Living Autistically

Ragen’s Autism Masterpost:

Autistic-Created Alternative Autism Criteria:

Atypical Autism Checklist:

8 Things Autistic People Want You to Know:

The Extroverted Autistic:

Females with Autism Checklist:

Nonbinary, Neuroatypical Masterpost:

ABA Master Resource List (why ABA is harmful/not supported by Autistics):

Redesigning the Autism Spectrum:

Autism + Empathy:

Polyamory + Autism:


Scripted Language & Authenticity:

Ask an Autistic: What is Scripting?:

Invisible Girls on the Spectrum:

Gaslighting of Autistic Women:

Sleep + Autism:

10 Ways I Can Spot an Aspie Girl:

Why Autism in Women is Misdiagnosed:

The Lost Girls:

Missing Diagnosis in Women: Things About Aspergers:

Flying Under the Radar:

What an Autism Meltdown Feels Like:


Underdiagnosis of Autism in Women:

Chaos & Volume: My Autistic Ears:

Autistic Girls, Vulnerability, & Sexuality:

Intersection of Autism and OCD:

Study on Allistic People Misinterpreting Autistic People:

Women Telling their Autism Stories:

On Executive Dysfunction:

Immune Function & ASD:

Functioning Labels

What’s Wrong With Functioning Labels Masterpost:

On Functioning Labels:

You Don’t Speak For “Low Functioning” Autistics:

Functioning Labels 101:

Not Autistic Enough:

More Problems With Functioning Labels:


Autism Screening

RDOS Aspie Quiz:

Rivto Autism Diagnostic Scale:


Life Aides & Stim Resources

Weighted blanket:

Stim Toys:

Stim images & videos:

$5 and Under Stim Toys:


Books To Buy