Great Phone Case for Stimming!

Ok so to all my fellow stimmers you should get this phone case!

Speck makes a line of phone cases called “Candy Shell Grip”. They make them for just about every style of smart phone. These cases are great for Stimming ok!

I originally got this case because I have an extra thick screen protector on my phone and it was the only one that fit. But let me tell you this class is absolutely great for Stimming.

The case has raised rubber ridges in it initially designed for grip but actually are great for Stimming. The rubber ridges are good to run your fingers across or tap. I like doing this when I’m in a crowd or stressed or just sometimes when I’m not thinking about it it keeps me calm. They are available on and in most mall phone case kiosks.

Speck brand makes phone cases called Candy Shell Grip with rubber ridges great for Stimming.