National Trans HIV Testing Day #NTHTD = Rad Care Announcement

Today is National Transgender HIV Testing Day! This means, Rad Care is thrilled to announce that we are officially launching a project to provide mobile HIV and Hep C testing services in Seattle, WA. This project focus on services for trans individuals by trans individuals and because intersectional identities is super real, we are also attempting to be inclusive of other marginalized and street based communities such as sex workers, IVDU, and houseless folks. We plan to start providing services starting this summer 2017. We still need funding for this completely volunteer driven project for testing supplies. Donations are tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor or you can donate to us directly and no fiscal sponsorship fees will be removed which means we can buy more tests. Many cis focused organizations, even the CDC, are now on board with trans health disparities. Like most other orgs that are serving trans folks, these projects are not done with trans people at the front leading. Rad Care wants to tip this balance. We are working to provide better services to those most disenfranchised by society. Please help us do this by not just donating but also by sharing this story with your friends, family and through your social media networks. Thank you!

National Trans HIV Testing Day Logo