Harm Reduction Methods for Oral Sex

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Harm Reduction methods:
– Do not brush your teeth nor eat anything that might cut your mouth for BJ. I am not sure there has been any official time on this but I generally see a few hours. Use a mouthwash or gentle rub some toothpaste around your mouth.
– Check out the penis for any sores. Most STI are transmitted through open sores.
– Make him take a shower, this is especially for HPV.
– PrEP is great. If someone cannot afford it they might be able to meet with their provider and set up a schedule to take PrEP before appointments.
– PrEP doesn’t prevent other STIs only HIV. Local Public Heath Departments generally keep info on when there is outbreaks. Checking the website frequently can be helpful even if they are f’d up to SWers.
– Spit or swallow, don’t let that cum hang out in your mouth. There is general consensus that HIV/STIs won’t survive the digestive tract so the longer the virus and bacteria are hanging out in your moist mouth…
– All STIs have the potential to cause sores which can lead to co-infections so get tested regularly if you can. I would be most concerned with Hepatitis and Syphilis as both can really cause some long term damage. Trying to pinpoint when someone contracted HIV but I can say there are very few cases where oral sex is suspect. Syphilis is for life and we are seeing cases of blindness caused by syphilis. Usually a sore is visible and syphilis is spread through this open sore which occurs before other symptoms.
– Speaking of Hepatitis. Getting vaccinated for Hep A/B should really be a high priority especially for anyone who is going from anal to oral w/o protection. Also Hep C is now treatable and don’t let them tell you otherwise. 😉