Get your Tax Write off before it goes away!

Dear Wonderful Humans,

Did you know that Trump’s tax cuts will take away your opportunity to get a tax write off for donations?? This might be your last chance and you only have until midnight on the 31st, which is less than two days! We ask you to consider donating to Rad Care! Our work is the lifesaving work on the streets. Donations, no matter how much you donate, won’t get lost because our budget is so small, every dollar goes directly into our projects and our fiscal sponsorship fees. You can know that your donation will really be utilized.  We are not the nonprofit industrial complex. We are grassroots. Our projects and programming have a solid impact. We work with individuals and populations that are most often disenfranchised from other service based organizations. We work with individuals and communities that are really impacted by our work. To learn more about our current projects visit our website: where there are links to our social media pages.

If you have some money to give, if you want that tax write off before it gets taken away, please consider giving right now through this link. If you do not care about a tax write off and want to donate to us directly and not through our fiscal sponsor, you can donate directly to us here. Lastly, please do forward this email/post to anyone you know who is down for the good fight!

Rad Care Collaboratory