Autistics: avoid Upworthy this April


They’ve got articles written by Autism Parents and stuff about how hard it is to raise an autistic child (with photos!), and how ABA saved them and whatnot. I’m not going to link because I don’t want to give it more publicity or needlessly upset anyone.

It triggered my depression & suicidal thoughts, and could probably be triggering to people who were abused in ABA.

Take care of yourselves, and focus on your own needs and goals first. You are not a burden, you are inherently valuable, and your loved ones’ lives are better because you’re with them.

wikiHow to Cope with Autism Awareness Month (written by the Autistic community)

If you are feeling depressed, alone, or suicidal, go to to text chat or call a suicide hotline.

Please consider signal boosting… I really don’t want anyone else to feel this awful.