Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism(TERF):

Some talking points via a member:

I am confused by a thought process in which a man becomes an expert on feminism but where trans women are denied basic human dignity and rights. Aka when a man’s voice gets raised above women and people still want to call this feminism while not allowing women to speak because of the gender they were assigned at birth.
This concept of preference is laughable, no one, NO ONE, is going to choose to live their life in a way that increases their chance of getting brutally murdered, raped, denied jobs, housing and i could go on. This is like saying queer people choose to be gay. People just are people.

As for socialization, we all have been socialized differently. I even have transracial adoptee friends who have to deconstruct their internalized racism from being raised as a white person. Just because they are PoC doesn’t mean that is how they were socialized. I use this analogy as hopefully it will be more accessible way to understand that there are a vast amount of trans women who were not socialized as men because they are not men and were never treated as such. Same with many trans men who were socialized and act with male privilege. I have met more women who leverage male privilege in their behaviors and communication and even the male privilege of their partners then trans women who try to enact male privilege. Society doesn’t allow trans women to enact male privilege. When women are assertive and speak their mind they are called a bitch and feminists stand up for them. When trans women do this, we call them men. It is gross. Trans women deserve feminism too.

TERF, CIS are NOT slurs. TERF stands for trans exclusionary radical feminist. It is the term we agree to use instead of radscum. It is simply a term used to describe the belief system of someone who wants to exclude some women from feminism. Cis is a latin word mean same side. It is the opposite of trans which means other side. Saying someone is cis simply means they identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. Trans means being a gender other then what you were assigned at birth.

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