Anti-Trafficking, a Sex Worker’s perspective

BBs We got the smART ventures grant and we will have enough funding to interview 8 sex workers, at $100/each, who have been impacted by #SESTA #FOSTA #HR3244 with priority to those most impacted aka trans folks, bipoc, drug users and houseless folx. Our funding is Seattle specific but we hope to expand our reach if we get additional funding. Please do fill out the form, we will offer everyone the chance to record an interview even if we cannot offer compensation or will notify folks if we are able to obtain more funding. Our first review will be July 20nd so we can have money to folks for Aug rent. The review process will be performed by a majority of current and former sex workers. We had to change the day because we misunderstood when we would actually receive the funding. Please accept our apology for any confusion this has caused.

partial funding by: Seattle Office of Arts & Culture