Outreach Group (OG)

Outreach Group (OG) is currently forming in Seattle. Currently we are recruiting representatives from impacted communities and organizations that serve impacted communities for our core organizing coalition. We have created a Charter that you can read here.

We are currently working on creating a training and certification for outreach and medics which will look something like:

Social Justice Certification: Outreach volunteers must undergo a 40 hour training that will cover safer injection, safer sex aka transmission factors, anti-oppression, cultural humility, interpersonal violence (IPV/DV) advocacy, trauma informed care, harm reduction and transformative justice conflict resolution, nonviolent communication and motivational interviewing.

Street Medic Training: Our 20 hour street medic training is based on the module that Rosehips uses.

Medic+ CPR: Medic volunteers will be trained with a 20 hour Street Medic certification plus have certification in CPR & First AID. This will teach advanced techniques that do not require certification such as herbology and poultices. Outreach medic will be able to do basic medical care in the field.

Medic+ HIV/Hep C Specialist: These medics will have a phlebotomy certification and be trained in HIV/Hep C/STD Testing and Counseling.

We are working on some of the logistical and legal parameters we need to work under to make this a reality.

Interested in hearing about updates in this program? Send us a note!

Future goals include in the short term – creating multiple outreach vans to serve various Sound regions and long term – opening physical space.