Food Blogs written by People of Color

(that are available in English)

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The African Pot Nutrition

My African Food Map

Yummy Medley

Mzansi Style Cuisine (South African)

Eleni’s Kitchen (Ethiopian in Oregon, includes vegan recipes)

Kadi African Recipes (West African / Guinea)

Taste of Tanzania

My Burnt Orange (Ghanaian)

Aftrad Village Kitchen (Ghanaian)

Afrolems (Nigerian)

Kitchen Butterfly (Nigerian)

Funke Koleosho (Nigerian)

Nigerian Lazy Chef

Mummy’s Yum (Nigerian)

Dooney’s Kitchen (Nigerian)

9ja Foodie (Nigerian)

Recipes from a Pantry by Bintu (Sierra Leonean in UK)

Nigerian Wives Connection

All Nigerian Recipe

A List of African Food Blogs

5 African Food Blogs to Follow

10 African Food Blogs of 2013


The Inner Gourmet (Guyanese)

Jehan Can Cook (Guyanese)

Immaculate Bites (Afro-Caribbean)

Chef & Steward (Jamaican, now in Dubai)

Jamaican Foodie

Jamaican Dinners / Jamaican Cooks

ReCaFo (Jamaican)

Two Sisters and a Meal (Jamaican)

Mari’s Cakes (Spanish/English; Dominican)

La Cocina de Vero (Spanish/English; Cuban)

Aunt Clara’s Kitchen (Spanish/English; Dominican)

Hungry Food Love (Dominican)

Cooking with Books (Dominican)

The Noshery (Puerto Rican)

Flavors of Belize (blog, YouTube & cookbook)

Eat Gorda Eat (Puerto Rican)

Manmie et Tatie (Haitian, also in French Creole)

Black American:

Fit Men Cook (English/Spanish)


Black Girl Chef’s Whites

Food Heaven Made Easy (two nutritionists)


The Kitchenista Diaries

My Life Runs on Food

No Gojis, No Glory

She’s Got Flavor

Brown Sugar

Flavor Diva

A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss

Divas Can Cook

By Any Greens Necessary (vegan)

Sistah Vegan (no recipes)


Flip My Food by Chef Jeff

Seeing it Their Way (Atlanta family life)

Afropolitan Chef

Four Generations of Louisiana Legends, Recipes & Remedies (PDF of a zine)

Qemem (Eritrean food)

Afro Vegan cookbook (sample recipes)

Cooking on the Side

Strictly Delicious (recipes for food allergies)

Adventures of a Southern Fellow

Tried & Tasty

Black Food Recipes

20 African-American Food Bloggers to Follow

15 Black Soul Food Bloggers to Follow

Indigenous (Native) American:

Native Paleo

Apaches in the Kitchen

Native American Recipes

“Eating indigenously changes the diets and lives of Native Americans” (Venison & Bison meatloaf recipe included) on Aljazeera America

American Indian Health & Diet Project / Indigenous Eating

Tastes of Our Heritage (Indigenous American & Mexican)

Indian Country Today Media Network


Tu Voz con Christina

The Latin Kitchen (Spanish/English)


La Cocina de Nathan (Mexican & Cuban)

Bakerita (American)

7 Latino Food Bloggers to Follow


Nibbles & Feasts (Spanish/English)

Decolonize Your Diet (Mexican-American)

Presley’s Pantry (Mexican-American)

Flanboyant Eats (Mexican-American)

Muy Bueno (Mexican-American)

Mind Over Batter (Mexican-American)

Spicie Foodie (Mexican ex-pat in Europe)

The Mija Chronicles (Mexican-American)

Sweet Life (Spanish/English; Tex-Mex)

Lola’s Cocina (Mexican-American)

Aromas & Sabores (Spanish/English)

The Other Side of the Tortilla (Mexican-American)

Adriana’s Best Recipes

La Piña en la Cocina (Mexican-American)

What’s Cooking Mexico

A Little Cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate (Mexican-American)

La Cocina Historica (feat. Mexican cookbooks, published by University of Texas at San Antonio)

La Cocina de Leslie

Mexico in My Kitchen

Mexican Family Recipes

Rivera’s Mexican Home Cooking School

Central American:

Blue Jellybeans (Panamanian)

Can Be Bribed with Food (Panamanian-Italian) x

Panamanian Recipes Wiki

South American:

Peru Delights

My Colombian Recipes (Spanish/English)

Mommyhood’s Diary (Spanish/English; Venezuelan)

En Mi Cocina Hoy (Spanish/English; Chilean)

BAs Cooking (Argentinian)

T’s Tasty Bits (Ecuadorian)

Laylita (Ecuadorian)

That Other Cooking Blog (Venezuelan)

Venezuelan Cooking

Mi Diario de Cocina (Chilean now in Atlanta)

Mommy’s Home Cooking (Venezuelan in US)


Chef Marcus Samuelsson (Ethiopian-Swedish)

Pham Fatale (Vietnamese-French, now in the US)

The Worktop (UK)

Writing Temptations (Asian-Dutch)

Meera Sodha (British South Asian)

Middle Eastern:

Taste of Beirut (Lebanese)

Dirty Kitchen Secrets (Lebanese-American)

Syrian Foodie in London

midEATS (Egyptian-American)


Saffron Pudding (Lebanese)

Chef in Disguise (Palestinian)

Sips and Spoonfuls (Emarati)

Turmeric Saffron (Iranian)

Ya Salam Cooking (Saudi)

Rose Water & Orange Blossoms (Lebanese-American)

Matters of the Belly (Egyptian-Australian)

Tableyah (Egyptian)

Buttered Up (Egyptian-Indian)

My Persian Kitchen (Iranian living in LA)

Persian Mama (Iranian living in Utah)

Fa’s Kitchen (Emarati)

South Asian:

Revi’s Foodography (Indian)

The Veggie Indian

Veg Recipes of India

Swasthi’s Indian Healthy Recipes 

Manjula’s Kitchen (Indian)

Simple Indian Recipes 

PK’s Kitchen Equations (Indian)

Archana’s Kitchen (Indian)

With a Spin (Bangladeshi)

Flavors of Mumbai

Love Food Eat

Cook Republic (Based in Sydney, Australia)

Loving Bangladeshi Kitchen

Spicy Treats (Tamilian in the US)

Saffron Streaks (Bengali)

eCurry (Bengali)

Spice up the Curry (Vegetarian Gujarati in the US)

Masalakorb (Indian in Germany)

Amu’s Recipes

The Flavor Blender (Sri Lankan in US)

Smi’s Bengali Recipes

Yummily Yours (now in the US)

Cook like Priya (Tamilian)

Padhu’s Kitchen

Sharmi’s Passions (Tamilian)

Eggless Cooking (Tamilian in Canada)

Akki’s Kitchen (Sri Lankan in Australia)

The Tiffin Box (Indian in Canada)

Indian Simmer

Cakes and More (Madhwa)

Cosmopolitan Curry Mania

Anup’s Kitchen (Nepali, now in the US)

Taste of Nepal (lives in Nepal and NY)

My Cooking Journey

Cook with Manali (Indian now in US)


The Hong Kong Cookery

Christine’s Recipes

Taste Hong Kong

China Sichuan Food

Yzenith Chinese Recipes

Yi Cooks (Chinese woman in Europe)

Eat Drink Chengdu

Red Cook (Chinese man in US)

Yi Reservation (Chinese man in NYC)

Baking Taitai

Steamy Kitchen (from Hong Kong, now in the US)

Maomao Mom (Bilingual site, Chinese woman in Canada)

The Woks of Life

East Asian:

Asian at Home (Korean)

Beyond Kimchee (Korean)

Maangchi (Korean)

Korean Bapsang (living in the US)

Seonkyoung Longest (Korean living in the US)

Sweet & Savory by Shinee (Mongolian living in the US)

Taiwan Duck

Egg Wan’s Food Odyssey (Taiwanese)


Japanese Food Dictionary

Food & Drink Bloggers in Japan via Shizuoka Gourmet

Yasuko San’s Home Cooking

Just One Cookbook

Just Bento & Just Hungry

Kanako’s Kitchen

Tokyo Station & Food Sake Tokyo

Savory Japan

Chopstick Chronicles (based in Australia)

Washoku Guide

Hiroyuki’s Blog on Japanese Cooking

About Japanese Cooking 101 Japanese Food

Hiroko’s Kitchen

Still Clumsy with Chopsticks

Gaijin Gourmet

Little Miss Bento

Japan Food Addict

Dining with the Chef (NHK’s recipes)

J Simple Recipes

Peaceful Cuisine (videos)

Cooking with Dog

Southeast Asian:

Rasa Malaysia

Indochine Kitchen

The Peach Kitchen (Philippines)

Yummy Magazine (Philippines)

Kusina Master (Philippines)

Kawaling Pinoy (Philippines, now in Cali)

Ang Sarap (Philippines, now in NZ)

Filipino Chow (international)

Filipino Recipes

Good Food Blog (Philippines)

Mely’s Kitchen (Philippines)

Cooked from the Heart / Amoore’s Kitchen (Philippines)

Jan is Cooking (Philippines)

Recipe Ni Juan (Philippines)

Panlasang Meat Recipes (Philippines)

Asian in America (Filipino in US)

Manila Spoon (Filipina in the US)

To Food with Love (Malaysia / Singapore)

Foodmanna (Singapore)

Smoky Wok (Malaysian)

Wendy in KK (Malaysian)

Curious Nut (Malaysian)

Vermilion Roots (Malaysian in San Francisco)

Viet World Kitchen

Pranee’s Thai Kitchen

She Simmers (Thailand)

Joy’s Thai Food

Appon’s Thai Food

Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Chez Pim (Thai woman in San Francisco)

Thai Table

What to Cook Today (Indonesian)

Sao Darly (Laos, now in Holland)

CamboKitchen (Cambodian)

Khmer Krom

Cambodia, a Country Full of Charm

Amok Cuisine (Cambodian)

Cambodia Foods

Veasna in the Kitchen (Cambodian)

Pacific Islander:

Samoa Food

The Polynesian Kitchen

One Samoana

Hawaii Mom Blog

The Tasty Island

Chef Sam Choy

I Love Coconut Cream

Kai Time on the Road (recipes from a New Zealand tv show)

Maori Food

Genuine Maori Cuisine

Two Spoons (Asian-New Zealander)

List of Hawaiian Food Blogs

Indigenous Australian:

Bushfood Sensations

Chef Mark Olive

Native Herb Index

Recipes: Lifestyle Food / SBS


Chomp Chomp (Australian-Cantonese)

Noodlies (Vietnamese-Australian, recipes & restaurant reviews throughout Asia)

Ramen Raff (Sydney food reviews)

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry (vegetarian)

Spoon, Fork & Chopsticks (Hong Kong Chinese-Australian)

Health for Happy (vegan & vegetarian)

Hungry Australian (Australian-Chinese)

Not Quite Nigella

The Big Man’s World (Persian-Malaysian Australian in LA/NYC)

My Korean Kitchen

Chocolate Suze

Emiko Davies

I Am a Food Blog / Momofuku for 2

Yes, I Am Vegan (South Asian-Australian)

South Asian Diaspora:

Easy Cooking with Molly (Indian fusion)

Confused Bawarchis

Runnin Srilankan

Holy Cow! Vegan Recipes

Turmeric Me Crazy (East African desi American)

Bites out of Life (South Asian-American)

Indian as Apple Pie

Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen


ABCD’s of Swaad / Instagram

KO Rasoi (East African / South Asian)

Chachi’s Kitchen (East African / South Asian)

East & Southeast Asian-American

Appetite for China

The Asian Grandmother’s Cookbook (Chinese-American)

Table for Two (Chinese-American)

5 Element Food (focused on Traditional Chinese Medicine)

The Omnivore’s Cookbook (Chinese-American)

Use Real Butter (Chinese-American)

Saucy Spatula (Chinese-American)

Fangalicious (Chinese-American)

Ming Tsai

The Hungry Artist

Healthy Coconut

Hot for Food (vegan Japanese-American + her white partner)

No Recipes (Japanese-American) x

Humble Bean (Japanese-American)

Pickled Plum

The Hungary Buddha (Hungarian-Burmese)

Tiny Urban Kitchen (Taiwanese-American)

Vegan Miam (Taiwanese-American)

Baked by Joanna

Lady & Pups (New Yorker living in Beijing)

Easy Peasy Japanesey

Nom Nom Paleo

Destination Delicious

Bebe Love Ozaku (Japanese-American)

Adventures in Bentomaking (Japanese-Hawaiian)

Mochi Mag

Dreams of Dashi (Japanese-American)

Hapa Nom Nom (Japanese-American)

Umami Mart (Japanese-American)

Hummingbird High

Panlasang Pinoy (Filipino-American)

My Filipino Recipes (Filipino community in LA)

Burnt Lumpia (Filipino)

Fifteen Spatulas

Two Red Bowls

Kimchi Chick (Korean-American)

Oh Snap! Let’s Eat (Paleo)

Hungry Huy (Vietnamese-American)



The Cat Lady Cook (NYC)

Hungry Sofia (Cuban-American)

Cuban in the Midwest

Always Order Dessert

Tony Tahhan (Syrian-American)

Desserts with Benefits

Epicurean Bodybuilder


In Search of Yummy-ness

I Am a Food Blog (Vietnamese-Canadian)

Viet Vegan (Toronto)

335 total food blogs